Are you struggling with the standard Qlik Sense functionality? Maybe like me you are loathed to put anything from Branch into a production environment, or maybe you have even started trying other products to see what might meet the requirements?

Well some good news for you, Vizlib is providing a supported Qlik Sense Extensions that are appropriate for enterprise customers.. Finally! Vizlib expands the capabilities of Qlik Sense with a library of highly customisable, easy to use and most importantly, supported extensions:

Reasons Vizlib is a great tool for any Qlik implementation:

  1. Flexibility of visualisations – There are many times I just come against a wall with the standard visuals in Qlik Sense, while they are improving, they are not improving at the speed they need to, the Vizlib team are extremely responsive and will have open dialog about a requirement. I have seen them turn around feature requests in a few weeks before.
  2. New extensions all the time – Vizlib is releasing new extensions every few weeks at the moment, which means you can am consistently have new ammo to impress user with.
  3. Professional Support – I am loathed to put stuff from branch into a production environment, Vizlib offer professional support so we don’t need to get stuck in the Javascript code.
  4. Auto updates – The traditional way of using Qlik extensions meant that every time you wanted a new version of an extension, there was a manual task to reinstall. Vizlib has auto updates so the extensions stay fresh (although there is an option to stick with versions in the professional version).

Advanced Visualisations for Qlik Sense:



Story Timeline

Advanced Text Object

Scatter Chart

Activity Gauge

Line Chart

Pie Chart